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Make sure your entire workforce is covered - including YOURSELF!

If you've been hurt on the job, the bills won’t stop coming while you're injured and can’t work

  • Commercial Carriers Inurance Agency has an Occupational Accident program designed just for truckers. Policy limits range from $500,000 to $2,000,000 and are available with disability benefits up to $700 per week. All options include occupational death benefits up to $300,000. Some plans also provide passenger accident death and medical coverage with limits up to $25,000 and $50,000.

Tough questions must be answered BEFORE an injury occurs:

  • If and when an injury occurs, will you be able to afford medical care?
  • If your injuries cause you to temporarily lose the ability to work, could you manage?
  • If those injuries were disabling or life ending, could your family manage without your support?
  • Overall, the number of on-the-job accidents reported are on the decline. However, the transportation industry remains the second highest reporter of occupational injuries. With as much as the trucking industry is maturing, small business owners must look towards protecting themselves and their families from loss of wages.
  • As individuals and families grow so do mortgages, tuitions, healthcare and debt. While these inevitabilities support the “American dream”, they can quickly turn to nightmares should the source of income be disrupted. Fortunately, there is a solution­ – an affordable solution!

Key reasons for purchasing Occupational Accident Coverage:

  • Security. Knowing that you will have the proper time, care and attention in recovery without losing everything in the process.
  • Protection. Provides truckers and families vital coverage for on-the-job losses, including medical/dental expenses, temporary/total disability and death.
  • Claims are filed with a single 800# call. Your satisfaction starts with fast response from experts in the field who know exactly what questions to ask. More than 95% of contacts are made within 24 hours of first receiving a claim - whether the loss affects the truck, the driver, or both.

Our Occupational Accident program includes:

  • medical, disability, and death and dismemberment benefits
  • Flexible policies offer you a wide range of limits
  • Available for accounts of all sizes
  • Generous Disability Calculations that help drivers save on out-of-pocket costs
  • Passenger Accident and Non-Occupational coverages on select plans
  • Nurse Case Managers support you every step of the way to help you return to work
  • Physician referral service helps you locate quality medical care near you
  • Rx SavingsPlus helps you save money on prescriptions and certain health screenings

Occupational Accident Occupationa Accident Inquiry

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OccAcc Overview

What is Occupational Accident insurance?

Occupational Accident insurance is a specialized on-the-job and off-the-job accident coverage intended for non-employee workmen i.e., independent contractors. For those persons that are excluded from workers compensation insurance, this coverage affords them accident medical, income replacement, disability, dismemberment and life insurance benefits should they suffer a covered injury or death.

Occupational Accident insurance is a common insurance program utilized within the trucking industry. For fleet operations who use owner operators, this coverage provides meaningful incentive to attract and retain its non-employee workforce. By attaching Contingent Liability to this program, fleet operations are provided protection in the event that an owner operator is later deemed to be an employee and entitled to Workers Compensation benefits.

For a more detailed understanding of Occupational Accident insurance, talk to one of our insurance specialists at (800) 229-8782.


Occupational Accident Occupationa Accident Inquiry


Leave us your info and a specialist
will contact you.