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Client Rewards Program

Our client rewards program allows you to earn up to $750 per referral*!

Did you know that we offer up to $750 per client referral? The best source of advertising normally comes by word of mouth and is one of our strongest sources of new business. Rather than make numerous marketing introduction calls, we build our business on the positive comments from folks like you.

Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency (CCIA) provides an “Easy" way for you to inform others about the superior service and protection available through CCIA and reduce the cost of your truck insurance at the same time. We call this rewards program "Money In The Bank" More than 23% of our program clients are using this benefit and we don’t want you to miss out!

For each of our trucking clients, we assign a team of insurance specialists to handle the specific needs of their account. These specialists analyze your business and recommend coverages based on their expert evaluations. They then shop your company’s trucking insurance package nationwide to find you the best protection and value for your truck insurance dollar. And we get it for you.

Once coverage is bound, your team is notified and ready to service all your company’s transportation insurance needs. Additionally, we maintain a 24/7 emergency notification service. If a member of your team is unavailable, there is another to take their place.

We have numerous underwriters on staff to prepare insurance quotes in-house, which gives us the ability to be more flexible in the premiums we provide.

In order to provide our clients greater strength, stability and additional products, we joined the Meadowbrook Insurance Group in 1997. This very successful, national insurance group gave us the ability to offer our clients more than we ever thought possible. In 2014, Meadowbrook joined the Fosun International family of companies and is was rebranded as the AmeriTrust Group. In 2022, AF Group, through its subsidiary, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, acquired AmeriTrust Group.

We are now better, stronger and more diverse than ever before. "You'll experience the difference the very first time you call".



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